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I know those days or weeks, and even months of feeling like you just can’t get it together. Allowing yourself to live in the moment. Allowing your life and surroundings just take over you and not you taking over them.

Prioritize Yourself


What does it even mean to prioritize yourself? Well… It means to actually give yourself the respect it deserves. This means not forgetting what your needs and wants are, and stop worrying about everyone else’s. When we are constantly worrying about others, we start to lose our own desires and our energy. With this being said; worrying about a friend, or helping out a family member, or becoming anxious about someone else’s problem is bad. But do not let it consume you.


Stay Clean

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We all know when we forget to take care of ourselves when we start to get into those ruts. Those all day, all nights in bed. Don’t know how we got into one and occasionally it’s difficult to get out of.

Making sure to keep our body clean and our hygiene up to check, it makes a difference. Shiiii. After a nice long shower and a mix of singing/dancing can make you feel like a new woman.

Take the time to sit with yourself. Wash about the worries, guilt, and negativity you might have. Take that extra time to do your hair/makeup.

Healthy Eating

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I have a hard time getting a grasp on this due to my lack (but wait… I’m getting there) of organization. Being able to nourish your body healthily can benefit your physical and mental health.

The first piece of advice that’s working for me, is to plan. Meal plan. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the fact that meal prepping/planning is so easy for others but why can’t I get my head around it?

Finding meals that interest you and just buying what exactly you need, eliminates unnecessary stress of night when you and your partner don’t know what to eat. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to stress about what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plan it and do it.

Creating Your Own Space

This could be your own home as a whole or just your room. I’m still at home with my mother. So.. my own space is shared except my room.

This space should be an area where you can escape and relax stress-free. Your space should be inspired by you and it should be fresh.

Sometimes after a long day of; wiping boogers, and dealing with the daily dramas of the three-year-old. There’s nothing more I want than to be in my own space. Light the candle, play music, turn on that YouTube video, or open a book. Take the time to relax and rejuvenate your mind after a long day.

Get A Planner

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The main reason we don’t have our shit together is possible because we have too much on our plate and don’t know how to balance it all healthily. Please, GET A PLANNER, and become best friends with your planner. This will keep you organized.

Write your; appts, important dates, due dates, date nights, work, etc.

Having a planner is a way to get your shit together, knowing what you have to do, and writing it down instead of just trying to remember everything and getting overwhelmed with the workload.

Everyone has responsibilities, but don’t feel guilty to take time out for yourself. Use your planner to time block times when you have free time for yourself. Give yourself, Self Care days, Schedule a nail appt, facial, girl nights, spa nights, etc.


There is many blogs out there. And I decided why can’t I create one too. My goals consists of branding, and helping out the community some how while creating a business. Come join my journey.

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