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Is it hard for you to get motivated too? Everyone has difficulties finding ways to motivate themselves and to simply get off their asses. Motivation requires desire and determination and little self discipline. These will help you achieve a goal or task. How badly do you want this? How badly does this job need to be done? 

We all fall into the world of procrastination, laziness or even just lacky the energy. I will be covering some ways to help get you off your as and motivate yourself. 

Keep reading to find out. Becoming a better you.

Write A To Do List

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Writing a to do list, really puts yourself in perspective of what you actually need to get done. If it’s important to you or if it’s a project that you might be just putting off because again LAZY. Put it on the list. Write a list daily. When you’re done, cross them off, check off the box, you will feel the sense of accomplishment after it’s cleared..

Breaking Larger Task Into Smaller Steps

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Having large jobs tend to be more stressful than maybe just making your bed every morning before work. Breaking up the larger task into smaller steps makes the task more attainable.

Don’t get yourself worked up with the thought of the large task. Jot down what steps needs to be done so the larger task gets finished. Violia & done

Minimize Distractions

You’ll DEFINITELY won’t get anything done, if your phone is constantly singing in the background making you look and then BAM two hours aimlessly scrolling. Or the biggest plot twist in your favorite TV series. Which we all know is going to make you want to watch the next three episode.

If you want to achieve your goal you need to allow yourself to actually do them. Time block appropriate time where you can finish your tasks without having interruptions. When you’re finished, check off the box.

What I like to do to hold myself more accountable is to, take 30 mins to finish a task. After; take a five minute break and then continue. This is what I like to do when I’m writing my blog posts and other tasks that need my undivided attention. Putting in a thirty continuous minutes and allowing yourself to take small but necessary breaks helps you get things done, and in a way where you’re not beating yourself up about it

Get Enough Sleep

Listen. If I don’t have a goodnight sleep, I might go to work because I gotta pay the bills somehow, but once I get home my energy FLEW out the window, right with my to-do list. Motivating yourself can require some self care. You have to obviously give a shit about yourself, This involves sleep. Sleep is essential.

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Set Goals

Set your goals, Make your goal visible by creating a vision board. This helps with inspiration and determination. Waking every morning to see what you want your future to look like and walk out the door doing something to achieve that. Make your goal achievable and give yourself a timestamp to hold yourself accountable. Accountability is being responsible. No one is responsible for your dreams and aspirations. Just you. You have to be the one to set them a goal.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Stop worrying about what people may think of you, it really doesn’t matter. Are they paying your bills? I didn’t think so. Everyone has their own uniqueness to themselves and what you need to do is find yours. Maybe do some soul searching instead of lowering your self esteem comparing yourself to someone else goals and dreams. Everyone succeeds at their own pace, take your time and just be you. Here are some journal prompts I love to do a little soul searching.

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Having Friendly Competition

Competition doesn’t have to be pride and ego filled. MAke competition a fun game to help improve your motivation to something you want to challenge yourself to. For example, If you and your friend love yoga but are just two lazy b…… ummmm tend to have no time to do any.Make it fun by challenging each other to see who can stick to a 30 day yoga challenge.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Make yourself do the thing you may not want to do. STart by asking yourself why you’ve been avoiding this task/challenge. Figure it out and overcome it. I tend to avoid change and fear of falling down, but something I will not allow myself to feel is regret. I do not want to later on regret I didn’t do something that could have possibly benefited me. We all have one life to live. Live yours to the fullest and don’t ever think anything is not realistic to obtain because if you’re determined and consistent, your dreams will come true.

Reward Yourself

If you worked hard and completed a project, or an essay, or maybe just 10 days of your 30 day yoga challenge. Reward yourself. You deserve it, it doesn’t have to be the over top projects. Splurge on a nice lunch at work, or those favorite pairs of shoes you may be eyeing.

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Hey Girl, You did it! You’re taking steps and trying to become a better you!

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