Dealing with difficulties at work or in our private lives can be overwhelming. Knowing how to relieve some of our stresses on our way it’s important for  a balanced life. With knowing how to reduce stress naturally and to relax daily can help with overcoming the small everyday problem you come across. We all deal with stress at some point of our lives.

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In this post I want to share ways that I used to reduce stress everyday. Try out some of these tips to feel more calm and centered.

According to webMd, Stress is the body’s natural response against predator or danger

Stress can have negative effects on our body and I hear to show you ways to reduce your daily stress. 

The cons of stress:

  • Low energy
  • Headaches
  • Digestive issues
  • Pain
  • Insomia
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Acne
  • Obesity

I know for me, I tend to fall into a depression rut, and start to stay up all  night eating chocolate. Having ways to reduce my stress has been crucial especially with working with young children, having two crazy pups at home and all those in between. 

Who need to reduce some stress? I know I do. Here what’s been working for me.


When you workout regularly the benefits can improve your mood. While you workout your body releases endorphin which is basically  happy euphoric feeling.Exercising has many positive psychological effects to reduce stress, and improve your mood. Find something that you enjoy for exercise, Any of the following are good ways to get your body moving and heart pumping;

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One of my favorites are doing yoga and also including light workouts such as lunges and squats.

  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Walking- Walking your pets
  • Swimming
  • Biking

Be Kind To Yourself

Being kind to yourself is crucial to your mood and self esteem. It’s you all day in your head making whatever assumptions or scenarios about yourself or what’s going on around you. Positive affirmations daily can create a sense of ease. Allowing to treat yourself as you are doing the best you can and reminding yourself that you’re you and to never apologize for being you.

Get Some Fresh Air

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Simple. Get off your ass and out that bed. Go take a stroll around your neighborhood or if youre home relaxing, go around the entire house and open the windows and let the fresh air in.

Light A Candle

My favorite candles are the simple, lighthearted fresh scents. After any long day of work, school, running errands, and/or chasing children around. You are burned out. FOR SURE!

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Set the mood

  • Light your favorite candles
  • Put on some vibe music YKTV
  • Movie?

Really be at peace with yourself and embrace gratitude for your space that you can do this at.

Random side note suggestion, I also love using diffusers. I use a diffuser from Amazon. Diffusers are great for aromatherapy which uses essential oils to destress and improve different aspects of the body. Anyways, Light a effing candle already and relax.


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Obviously, I write a blog. But I also like to write/journal for my own personal benefits. I journal to let what’s in my mind merge onto paper and to help it not become archived in my brain for another time.

This helps me with not keeping unnecessary stresses lingering in my mind. Write it down, reevaluate and move on, don’t allow yourself to fall into worrying and stressing about every little situation.


Girllll… eating properly. What I mean about properly, is to be aware of what you’re eating and discipline yourself to only getting the bad foods in moderation.

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Everything has an effect on our bodies whether that’s psychological, physical and etc. Food has an effect on us. I know eating those fudge covered chocolate chip cookies and 10 at night are EVERYTHING! But are they really. Sweets and Unhealthy eats reward us with short term satisfaction. When you consume healthy food it gives our body literally joy and provides positive effects on our mental and overall well-being.

Spend Time With Love Ones

This should be essential. When you go back to the core and be with your family and/or friends, it gives you that sense of belonging. With everything in our daily lives that give us stress and resistance, it’s good to feel like you belong somewhere.

Grab your people together for maybe a movie night at the houses, a brunch date, and more. Put your phone down and be grateful of those around you who love you.<3

I hope these motivate you to get off your ass and become the best you, fight off the stress.

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