Hey, girlies! In this post, I give 23 simple acts of self-care, that can be done in five to ten minutes. Take a few and run with them. Quick and easy to do.


self care isn't selfish quote


We all tend to make excuses; we don’t have money to go out and do stuff for ourselves.

WHELP you don’t necessarily need money. As well, as saying, you don’t have time.

Girl, you can make time for just five minutes a day for yourself, right? Then just do it, it’s for you

23 Simple Self-Care Ideas

#1 Express gratitude- Take only five minutes of your day and embrace what you have already, and what makes you happy. We always want more but we need to be grateful for what we have.

#2 Write in a journal- Writing in a journal is a very good way to express yourself and get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper.

#3 MeditateStart with five minutes and work your way up to 30 minutes. Challenge yourself! Mediate one week; five minutes a day, and the next for ten each day. Meditating helps with relaxing your body and mindfulness

#4 Read self-developmentSelf-development books can really change your mindset for the better. Here is one, that I really enjoyed.

you are a badass book by jen sincero

#5 Positive self talk– Do not allow you to be the negative part of your life. Stop beating yourself up about little things. Talk to yourself the way you would want people to talk to you. You are doing great. Check yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “I am the baddest around!” and keep it moving!

#6 Limit time on Social MediaAllow yourself to take social media breaks. Just do something else; take a walk to do something else on this list.

Social Media has lots of cons and also pros. I have recently been having trouble with my eyes with the amount of screen time. Limiting my time and also purchasing this product has really helped me improve my eyes.

#7 Go out for coffee – bring a friend – Yes, coffee technically isn’t good for you. But, this girl can’t get enough. I like to treat myself to coffee every week or so and bringing a friend can just make the experience so much more enjoyable

#8 DanceAnd dance your soul out, girl. I love music, and to dance. Even if I’m not the best dancer. I love to feel the music and really get into it. Dancing around crazily in your room improves your mood and gets a little workout in there too. Be happy!

#9 Light A Candle-Set the vibe. Get some candles, light them shits.

candle and sign saying love your life

#10 Make a To-Do listMaking a to-do list put yourself in a productive mode for the day. There are things that need to be done, and I will get them done. Make sure to add a small gesture of self-care to your to-do list. don’t forget about yourself

#11 Listen to a podcastsometimes I tend to get stuck in my thoughts, and stresses. I put on some inspirational podcasts to get my mind thinking about something other then what’s going on at that moment. I’m avoiding burnout and learning about something while doing it.

#12 Take a bubble bathCOME ON, do I really have to explain the importance. Who doesn’t like bubble baths, so relaxing? In addition, add some essential oils to your bath.

#13 Do a mini workout/yoga sessionTake ten minutes a day, to get your blood flowing and your body pumping. Do something active, don’t seep into your couch cushions too much,

#14 Relax with a face maskI love face masks, and they are easy and easy to do every day if you like. Here is my favorite mask.

girl relaxing in tub

#15 Eat healthy mealsNourish your body, with the good stuff. You want to improve your mood. Fast food, cookies, cakes, and soda is not going to make you feel better. Trust me, I crave those foods too, but limit yourself. Have cheat days.

#16 Get enough sleepSleep is essential. Prioritize going to sleep early and shutting down electronics an hour or so before bed to ensure you are getting a good night’s sleep.

#17 Go for a walk-bring your petstep outside for some fresh air.

#18 Do something creativePaint, draw, color, sew, and etc. I have been starting to do, paint by numbers that my friend inspired me to do. Here is where I get mine.

#19 DeclutterGet organized. Start organizing your closet, clean out your bathroom, and give everything a home. Don’t just have everything laying around. Clear space, clear mind.

#20 Learn to say NOSetting your own boundaries can help make time for the important things, don’t get too wrapped up in pleasing EVERYONE.

#21 Drink more waterStart the day off with a glass, and carry a reusable bottle with you during the day to watch your intake.

#22 Fantasize about your dreamsTake some time to fantasize and dream of your goals, and what could come. Live in the present but never forget what you are working towards. Take this as motivational tips.

#23  Create a vision board – Get inspired. Is there something, that you’re working too or want to be, or do you just need a daily reminder you’re that b*tch?

Then, create a vision board. I have just recently started gathering things for my vision board. I aspired to be a successful business owner, and just become the best version of myself.

Bonus Another self-care activity that I have been prioritizes which everyone seems to forget about. Your scent. I don’t know about you but when I have my favorites perfume or body spray on I feel sexy, prepared, and I know FOR SURE everyone can smell the aromas. Perfume help me feel fresh and clean, and confident. I have just want you need.

 Scentbird is a monthly subscription where you can pick perfume from 450+ of your choice and it comes in easy, accessible travel size, and a personal perfume holder. 

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