How To Plan A Self-Care Routine

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Make healthy habits that are easy to stick to.

The majority of us wish we were practicing self care on a regular basis. But when it comes to including it in our daily schedule we tend to struggle.Whether your self care routine is a morning routine, night routine or even a self care Sunday once a week, creating one can benefit the most important person in your life, You girl. 

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  • Get up early
  • Make your bed
  • Eat breakfast


  • Take your lunch break outside
  • Take breaks at work


  • Unwind on your commute home with music/podcasts
  • Cook a healthy dinner
  • Take a BUBBLE bath
  • Yoga

The weekend

  • Declutter
  • Take a long walk/hike
  • Indulge
  • Get together with a friend/family member

Start Small

Starting small is okay. I get it, you’re so used to doing everything for everyone else you feel selfish to take time for yourself. But don’t feel selfish to invest in your well being. How will mom get the kids up and ready for school, if she’s too tired and stressed to get out of bed. Just little things can really change the vibe of everyone’s routines.

Start by including a small gesture of self care to your morning routine/night routine or scheduling time with a close friend you don’t see because, “busy”. Think about what you want to improve and feel better on. Make healthy habits.

Self-Care habits I Include

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Our ultimate goal is to make our self care a habit, so that we don’t need to feel selfish or stressed to squeeze it in. Some habits I have included and want to work more on would be, definitely waking up and making my bed, and drinking a glass of water/lemon water as soon as I wake up. This helps with the vibe of the day, like bam made the bed. Drink my first dose of water, because we need to up our water intake. And also drink water first thing is the morning, improves energy level, improves the elasticity of your skin, helps flush out toxins, and more

I also want to mediate more often and get into yoga. Keep it realistic. For you, yoga in the morning might be the best bet. But for me I don’t have too much time in the morning.Unless I wake up earlier. That right there will have you think what exactly you’ll need to do to figure that everything out. And knowing it’s not realistic for you to do in the morning, you then know to include that in your afternoon/night routine.

Your Self-Care Routine

To make yourself more aware of your expectation of your routine is, list your routine of what you want to do in order. For example; My Morning Routine.

An ordinary morning routine can become part of your self care routine.

  • Wake up-Make bed
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Meditate/stretch
  • Take the pups out for a walk
  • Shower
  • Coffee Time
  • Breakfast

Lastly, when the day is over, I know I’m interested in including yoga in my night routine.

Once you have an idea on how you want your routine or in this specific case, morning routine to look like it’ll be easy to get up. The challenge of creating healthy habits and to create a great start of  your day. Try just remembering on making your bed and drink a glass of water, first thing in the morning. Then, once that is established if you wanted to include; yoga or stretching it’ll be easier to focus on that one thing once the others are set.


Self-discipline. If someone like me, who barely can get their lazy ass up in the morning. But gets everything that needs to be done for my own sanity and to make me feel better as a person, I know you can too.

When you create a routine full of healthy habits instead of bad, irrelevant ones, it sets the tone for the day or the week. Set time stamps for yourself to achieve everything you need to do. You already have exactly what’s on the agenda for when you wake up, or when you come home for work. Your self care routine can be at whatever time, or multiple times, it’s  your self care routine.

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  1. I love this!! Sometimes we give too much to others and too little to us… Definitely gonna focus on myself with these tips!! Thank you for sharing:)

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