Hey girls, in this post I will be giving you natural curly hair tips.

These Curly Hair Care tips not only have helped me a lot but have been used with many curly hair ladies.

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Flashback time.

My curly hair journey. As a little girl, I went to very predominantly white schools. As strange as this is, I was teased for my hair. Being a young child, I didn’t know why. I would straighten my hair every day, and fear of not fitting into my peers. This caused so much damage to my hair. My hair was loose and wavy at the time, barely even curls yet. After growing up and maturing, I started to embrace my hair a  little more. And for me to be able to embrace it, I needed to know how to take care of it.

I also see people saying, I wish I had curly hair, I wish I had curly hair but honestly, it’s a part-time job. Lol. You need to be conscious of what you’re putting in your hair and how you are protecting it when you’re not paying attention to it.


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  1. Natural Way To Take Care of Your Curly Hair

Oil Treatments –

 Oil treatments are not just for colder months, you can incorporate them anytime in your curly hair routine. Oil treatment is like a spa for your strands. Some top benefits are; it helps strengthen your hair to prevent dry, brittle strands. Also, oil treatments help to stimulate blood flow, which benefits your overall hair growth, moisture, and more

Hair Masks- 

They’re so many different types of hair masks for watches and every type of hair. I usually like to incorporate a hair mask if not once a week, once every other week. Sometimes life is very busy, but hair masks are very important. There are many, moisture-based masks to help with dryness, and protein-based one made for strengthening. Mainly, hair masks are for strong hair that tends to be brittle or damaged. Take a look at some of my favorite store-bought hair masks. Also, I am a believer in natural DIY ones. Check out some of these.

Scalp rinses-

Scalp rinses such as the apple cider rinse, are great for regulating your scalp’s health, improving shine, and strengthening your hair. Scalp rinses help lower the Ph level of your hair to help with growth, be aware to not do it too often to prevent wrecking your Ph altogether

  1. Washing your Curly Hair


Do not wash your hair every day-

I don’t know about you but this is something I definitely abide by. Washing your hair every day can strip your hair of its natural oils that help coat your strands as a protective barrier. Stripping too much can result in dry, brittle strands. I tend to wash my hair with shampoo 2x a week.

Mild Shampoo-

Listen up. By starting at the core and the correct wash to wash your hair. Use a mild shampoo, that is paraben-free and sulfate-free. Ever since I was old enough to really indulge in a good shampoo, I have seen a change in my hair’s overall health. Shampoo with sulfate, and all those other chemicals, are setting your hair up for failure. Invest.


This falls with not washing your hair every day. But that doesn’t mean washing your hair. If you haven’t already heard, Co-washing is when you take your condition to wash your hair, instead of using shampoo and conditioner every single time. Co-washing uses conditioner to reduce the use of shampoo to help your hair attain its moisture to then have stronger, healthier hair.

Deep Conditioning-

A little disclaimer before, overdoing deep conditioner is not great for your hair. Too much moisture can disrupt the proper amount of protein/moisture the hair actually needs. With this being said, deep conditioning is my favorite thing and I definitely have this is my routine once a week. Deep conditioning is great for moisture and softens your hair.

Microfiber towel-

A microfiber towel, the curly girls only towel. This towel is made out of fibers that soak up excess water, moisture without creating frizz or dullness. I highly recommend these, instead of your ordinary bathroom towels.


Or, air dry! This is the healthiest, but the time-consuming approach to drying your hair. If you have the time to air dry your hair, great! This is the best way to achieve frizzles curls.

3. Styling Tools & Products

styling tools hair care

Use a wide-tooth comb/wet brush-

To detangle your hair, I recommend using a wide-tooth comb, which helps detangle your curls thoroughly without snags. If you wanted to get a little fancier, and this is what I tend to use because I am a brush kind of girl. The Wet Brush, The Wet Brush was designed perfectly for detangling hair curly hair when it’s wet. The wet brush is even great on your dry hair, its firm, yet gentle bristles make it easy to glide through your hair.

Use a diffuser-

Do not just use a regular hairdryer. This will cause a frizzy MESS. Having a diffuser connector helps keep the air contained. So the air isn’t just blowing your hair all over the place. Using a diffuser, makes the drying process so much quicker and easier while leaving your curly looking more bouncy and fuller. I recommend using low-medium heat on a low setting to prevent heat damage.

Satin Pillowcases/Bonnet-

satin silk texture brown

Our curly hair routine never stops, not even when we are sleeping. It is important to protect your hair, even while you are sleeping, to prevent breakage specifically. Either get your shelf a special satin pillowcase or get a satin bonnet to put your hair in while you sleep. A regular cotton pillowcase can cause breakage as you toss and turn rubbing your hair on the pillow.  Do not use heat- Referencing to when I was that little girl, getting teased. It is nice to change it up, and use heat to create different styles, But heat is the biggest no to our hair. Ever Since I transitioned, and started embracing my curls, I have probably straightened my hair 3x and that in 7 years, since I transitioned. I swear once you put those down the first time, you never want to go back. 


Check out some hair care businesses. PS: They are also black-owned.https://lionessembrace.com/black-owned/curly hair peace

Come to peace with your hair.

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